General important not sorted info -

+ Raids -

+ Gloves/ammo/off hand/off ammo items work diffrent for every vocation. (Example - Gloves for assassins are geared on the HAND SLOT, Wizard's gloves are geared on the AMMO SLOT).

+ Boost items (charms, totems,daggers, gloves etc...) If an item has on it's description [ ] this, example- [Hand slot]. That means that this items is NOT a weapon or a shield, another example - daggers are not weapons, They are boost items.

+ Highest items grade is 10.

+ You can get premium time with a premium scroll or the NPC on the city of Ascalon in the second floor of the depot.

+ Shendo boosters are giving a permanent buff for ATK/DEF/HEAL bonuses.


+ Heroic equipment - Can mostly be obtained by crafting, the gear is crafted of diffrent mats, heroic design and a G9 item. There are also items that require heroic promotion such as the device to tame an Alpha Deer ---------------------------------->

+ Bosses - There are few types of bosses, (sacrifice bosses) - (quests bosses) - (world bosses) - (mini bosses) - (Heroic bosses).