Ammunition are used to increase different stats by Archers.. Every ammunition has different stats.. A archer can use 2 ammuniton at the same time.. 2 of the same or 2 different doesn't matter.

Name Picture Stat Shop
5 Bonus Attack.  Can be bought in Temple 2nd floor.
10 Bonus Attack. Can be bought in Temple 2nd floor.
Sniper Arrows
Sniper Arrows
5% Bonus Critical Chance. Can be bought in Temple 2nd floor.
Piercing Bolts
Piercing Bolts
10% Armor Peneration. Can be bought in Temple 2nd floor.
Shiver Arrows
Uten navn
4% Bonus Critical Chance, +1 to Attack Bonus, +12 attack. Vocation: sharpshooters and assassins Can be bought in Temple 2nd floor.
Adamantine Arrows
Screenshot 32
+15% armor penetration and +10% to penetrate targets resistance. Buy from Dhuggith
Lightning Arrows
Screenshot 33
+43% attack speed, +15 distance skill. Vocation: Sharpshooters
Power Bolts
Screenshot 34
+35 bonus attack, +13% critical hit chance. Vocation: Assassins
Onyx Arrows
Screenshot 35
+20 bonus attack, +29% attack speed. Vocation: Sharpshooters
Redwood Royal Arrows
Screenshot 31
+32% armor penetration, +6% for attack bonus, +65 attack, +20% attack speed, +4% to critical hit. Vocation: Sharpshooters and Assassins The Medusa
Frozen Assassination Shiv
Screenshot 36
+20% to critical hit, +22 distance skill. Vocation: Assassins
Marksman Vicious Banner
Screenshot 37
+2% to critical hit, +5% for attack bonus, +21% to attack speed, +35% to penetrate armor. Vocation: Sharpshooters The Firestarter