Bosses play a big role on Ascalon.

There are a few different kinds of bosses. The most important ones are the so called "big bosses" or "world bosses".

There are a couple of different types of these bosses: those that are summoned with an artifact of sacrifice and those that spawn at their designated spawn points (their respawn times are much longer than normal monsters, although they do vary with the difficulty and level of the boss).

World bosses also drop a lot of loot in comparison to mini-bosses or monsters.

They drop unique items and crafting recipes that are obtainable only from them.

Pic Name Info X Drops
Screenshot 38
Universal Jewelry Tool This tool can be used to change passive ability of any grade item once to random one. It will dissapear after first use. Medolth, The Firestarter, Babal, Durzub, King Granirk, Lord Heskel, Numerian Overseer, Widow Queen, Widow King, Prince Damean, Shevorth The Energiser, Lizard High Guard, Hellhound, Lady Xiania, Siege Turtle
Enigma Box The content of this box is an enigma. Need 1 enigma key to open.

Recive 3 random diffrent items.

Can receive spells and special items Lizard High Guard, Werewolf, Hellhound, Numerian Overseer, Lady Xiania, Julieta, Siege Turtle, Shevorth The Energizer
Rare Enigma Box The content of this box is an enigma. Need 1 rare enigma key to open. Recive 5 random diffrent items. Can receive heroic spells and special heroic items The Firestarter, Babal, King Granirk, Lord Heskel,

Adamantine Colossus, The Medusa, Merlin, Azreal.

Enigma Sphere The content of this sphere is an enigma. Need 1 enigma sphere key to open. Receive up to 5x (heroic item design) rare enigma box only.
Screenshot 15
firestarter invisibilty cloak This cloak has the ability to go invisible for 10 seconds. (10 minutes cooldown). The Firestarter
Screenshot 16
highlander backpack 35 slots space backpack. The Medusa
Screenshot 22
prince ugly potion
Screenshot 23

Drink this potion to get Frog outfit.

The Medusa
Screenshot 20
book of guardian will [Crusader] Spell: Superb Challenge. Level 500 (heroic). King Granirk, Hydra Keeper