Introduction to Crafting.

Crafting is one of many things you can do in Ascalon. Ascalon is not only limited to hunting.

In this little guide I will introduce you to Crafting, show you how its done and hopefully one day you will be a Master Crafter too someday.

I will go over the basics in this guide giving you all the informantion you need to get started. There will be another more advanced guide soon.

I will give you some tips&tricks along the way for more efficent crafting, things you probably should be doing etc.

Now lets get started.

The first question in your mind right now is probably "Why should I craft?"

Crafting is needed for some quests, you can craft extra attributes for your items if you have the recipes. I will go into more detail along the way

You can even add a attribute to revive you when you die! Who doesn't hate dying?

Now, where do you start?

Lets find the crafting area first and find the npc to buy tools from!


Now should get the tools you need.



Name: Price:
Broom 1k
Pick 2,5k
Hoe 5k

We will be buying a bucket later so don't worry about that for now.

Now that you got the tools lets go over what materials we can gather on Ascalon.

There are a total of 8 Materials you can gather. The rest is crafted from theese.

Picture: Name: Tool Used:
Brown Powder
Brown Powder Broom
Iron ore
Iron Ore Pick
Mother Soil
Mother Soil Hoe
Iced Soil
Iced Soil Pick
Blood Crystal
Blood Crystal Pick
Yellow Sulphur
Yellow Sulphur Hoe
Source of Purple Powder
Purple Powder Broom
Source of Adamantite
Piece of Adamantite Pick

In this tutorial I will only show the first 3. You should explore and find the rest yourself :)

We will start by getting some Brown Powder. Go out from Crafting area and go to Earthworms. In the Earthworm cave you can get alot of Brown Powder from Dirt Floors.

Dirt Floor

Use your broom on Dirt Floor until you get a Green effect

Effect Picture: Description
Green effect
Green Effect means sucessfull.
Red Effect
Red means try again
Poff! means nothing here


If you see any Lava Holes use your pick on them to get Iron Ore. Do this even when you are hunting! It doesn't take long and it saves you time when you need Iron Ores.

Lava Hole
Iron ore1

Source of Mother Soil

In some areas you will see this glue like thing. Use your Hoe to get Mother Soil.

You will get this on your first try so its pretty fast to gather theese.


You probably did some tasks and got yourself a G3 recipe for lifesteal.

Lets break down how recipes work and how you craft things now that you have gathered some materials.

Inside Recipe: Description:
Required Crafting Mastery The crafting level you need to craft use this recipe. Some recipes can require you to have 50+ crafting!
Chance to success Self explanatory. This determinates your chance for success. Also 2 crafting levels = 1% higher chance.
Ingredients This is the fun part. Theese are the materials you need to give it a try! For G3 Lifesteal recipe you need: 1 Blue Powder, 1 Yellow Powder, 2 Iron Ores, 1 Huge Chunk of Iron.
Recipe Effect This tells you what this recipe does when you have finally crafted it. Example: 10% Lifesteal.

How to Craft

In this next section I will show you how to craft.

First lets get some Yellow Powder
Yellow powder
Do do this throw 1 brown powder at a time on a working oven.


You can do this faster if you throw your Brown Powders under you and hold "SHIFT" while throwing them on the oven!

If you have around 10 yellow powder you can continue to the next step!

Go buy a bucket from Zaur, it will cost 2k.

Just outside the crafting zone there is some water, use the bucket on it to getta Bucket of Water.

Water outside crafting area

Now take them to the area just north of Zaur
Crafting Depot and Hammer

Put 2 Yellow Powders inside and 1 Bucket of Water as shown in this image 

Crafting Items inside DP

Using Hammer on Depot!

Now use the Hammer right next to the Depot on the Depot. Note: You can fail and destroy your bucket.

If you are sucessfull you will get a Blue Powder.

Successfull Crafting


This concludes the guide. I will be making a youtube video showing you how its done soon to make it easier to understand. If you have any questions you can message me ingame!

Ingame Name: Hatsune Miku


Hatsune Miku for creating this guide!

Fare for making this amazing server!

Gaal for continueing to develop this server and current owner of the server!

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