Monsters are, same as NPCs and players, inhabitants of Ascalon. There are many different types of monsters, they vary in their abilities and difficulty.

Monsters in Ascalon are very different than those in official Tibia. While Rotworms are still the monster you hunt at the beginning of your adventure, killing a Giant Hammerman(Cyclops Smith) can prove to be a challenge even for experienced adventurers.

In Ascalon, monsters of the same kind can have different levels: you can encounter a Giant[L.45] and later come across Giant[L.58]. Not only are different types of monsters in Ascalon unique, but every monster in Ascalon is.

There are also monsters with white and red skulls. These monsters are higher level than normal ones, respectively. They have increased chances to drop their normal loot items and ability stones and gems.

Examples for some level 1-1000 monsters:

Troll [lvl 15] - Beginner monster.

Tauren [lvl 25] - Beginner monster.

Scarab [lvl 35] - Beginner monster.

Vicious Swamp Plant [lvl 40] - Beginner monster.

Giant [lvl 45] - Beginner monster.

Skeleton [lvl 50] - Beginner monster.

Scoundrel [lvl 50] - Beginner monster.

Elf [lvl 50] - Beginner monster.

Blood Elf [lvl 170] - A more adept version of elves.

Bloody Skeleton [lvl 200] - An adept version of skeletons.

Hag [lvl 280] - Drops G5 mage gloves and herbs.

Elite Akrabuut [lvl 370] - Mini boss. High attack speed, Drops recipes, herbs and special equipment/items.

Secret Cult Member [lvl 400] - Creatures that devote their lives to cults and rituals.

Acid Hydra [lvl 500] - This type of hydra is nearly extinct, they seem to be living only in the "Desertic Hydra Park" which is located in the "Crimson Desert" area.

Treant [lvl 570] - A powerful and largely unknown monster.

Dragonborn Warrior [lvl 550] - A powerful and largely unknown monster.

Dragonborn Sorcerer [lvl 550] - A powerful and largely unknown monster.

Tarrasque [lvl 600] - A giant lizard that deals a lot of damage: face to face and AOE.

Boss Widow Queen Durzub Medolth
Spawn time 15 min.
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