"NPC" stands for "Non-Player Character". These characters are not controlled by a human. They are always at their given positions.

There are different types of NPCs in Ascalon.

  • NPCs that sell equipment.
  • Information NPCs
  • Quest NPCs
  • Mission NPCs
  • Dungeon NPCs
  • Boat NPCs

Note: You can use Find Person to find NPCs! Example: Exiva "Siuan

NPC list

Kraan - This npc offers to buy "Tiny Adamantine Necklace" for

2 alchemy coins. His location is on a hill on "Crimson Desert".

Eizemo - This npc sells "Artifact of Sacrifice" for 2 alchemy coins. He is located in "Ridgefire".

Baerran - This npc gives a memorial task for a reward. His location is a small cave near

the orcs area north west of the main town exit.

Dokalrad - This npc gives a mission to collect 60 behemoth claws.

His location is in a human camp on the behemoth island.

Travach - This npc offers a ticket to "Cryalk Highlands" where "Ridgefire" is.

Price is of the ticket is 21k. This is a whole new HUGH area, need to do some quests there to open up more areas.

Flash - This nps buys time rings.

His location is in Ridgefire.

Radag'mal - This npc gives tasks to get the Elementalist outfit.

His location is in Ridgefire.

Tritherend - This npc gives a task to kill 25 acid slimes and his reward for that is 2 crystal coins, G7 stone

and access to Ridgefire

Travach - This npc sells tickets to the Cryalk Highlands

His location is in "the smoking wolf" pub on the north area of city of Ascalon.

Goblin Prisoner - This npc gives a mission to kill 1 Bridge Troll. He rewards with access to S.T.C

His location is under the bridge with the single Bridge Troll spawn on Cryalk Highlands

Dhuggith - This npc sells adamantine arrows for alchemy coins. His location is in Ridgefire

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