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Outfit: Addon 1: Addon 2: Both Addons: Name: Requirements:

Citizien male addon 1

Citizen female addon 1
Citizien male addon 2

Citizen female addon 2
Male citizen full

Female citizen full

Outfit: Default.

First addon: Kill 25 Carrion Worms for NPC Imgard.

Second addon: Collect 30 chicken feathers for NPC Eraleth.

Male Hunter Default

Female Hunter Default
Male Hunter First

Female Hunter First
Male Hunter Second

Female Hunter Second
Male Hunter Full

Female Hunter Full

Outfit: Do a task for NPC Carl.

First addon: Collect 60 elven glasses for NPC Carl.

Second addon: Kill 50 Zombies for NPC Carl

Mage Male Default

Mage Female Default
Mage Male First

Mage Female First
Mage Male Second

Mage Female Second
Mage Male Full

Mage Female Full
Mage Outfit: Kill 50 tauren hunters for NPC Slevin.

First addon: Kill 40 orc rangers for NPC Slevin. Second addon: Kill 40 elf scouts for NPC Slevin.

Knight Male Default

Female Knight Default
Knight Male First

Female Knight First
Knight Male Second

Female Knight Second
Knight Male Full

Female Knight Full
Knight Outfit: Obtainable in the tower near NPC Duncan.

First addon: Kill 60 elf scouts for NPC Duncan. Second addon: Collect 50 giants toe for NPC Duncan.

Nobleman Outfit: 50000 gold for NPC Frikke.

First addon: 100000 gold for NPC Frikke. Second addon: 100000 gold for NPC Frikke.

Summoner Outfit: Collect 40 lancer beetle shells and 50 poisonous slimes for NPC Vizantis.

First addon: Catch 50 butterflies for NPC Vizantis. Second addon: Collect 100 giants toe, 100 green dragon leathers and 100 pelvis bones for NPC Vizantis.

Warrior Outfit: Collect 300 silky furs for NPC Cesth.

First addon: Collect 30 doom hearts for NPC

Willmot. Second addon: Collect 30 doom hearts for NPC

Willmot(receive both).

Barbarian Outfit: Find and kill Barbarian Leader on Ice lands.

Barbarian Haircut: Finish tasks for NPC Khaldor. Barbarian Axe: Finish tasks for NPC Ajax.

Druid Outfit: Premium account.

First addon: Premium account. Second addon: Premium account.

Wizard Outfit: Bring nomad scroll to NPC Ployus.

First addon: Kill 170 hydras for NPC Ployus. Second addon: Collect 20 crimson tokens for NPC Ployus.

Oriental Outfit: Find a Djinn lamp for NPC Taur.

First addon: Finish a task for NPC Taur. Second addon: Collect 40 dirty turbans and 75 giant's toes for NPC Taur.

Pirate Outfit: Collect 50 cockroach legs for Ron the Ripper.

First addon: Loot a Ron the Ripper's sabre.. Second addon: Find a theasure for Ron the Ripper.

Assassin Outfit: Finish a task for NPC Erayo.

First addon: You need to kill those monsters in order: 1 mine defender, 1 lizard sentinel, 1 green djinn, 1 serpent spawn and 1 orc overseer. Second addon: Collect 100 lizard leathers and 100 lizard scales for NPC Erayo.

Beggar Outfit: Donate 10 000 gold to NPC Simon The Beggar.

First addon: Collect 75 tauren leathers for Simon the Beggar. Second addon: Find a Simon's favorite staff.

Shaman Outfit: Kill 40 skeletons for NPC Valroy.

First addon: Collect 30 pelvis bones for NPC Valroy. Second addon: Collect 40 white pieces of cloth for NPC Zimba.

Norseman Outfit: Kill 100 tribal hunters for NPC Kitry.

First addon: Find ice shard for NPC Kitry. Second addon: Collect 40 red pieces of cloth for NPC Kitry.

Jester Outfit: Finish a maze near NPC Shaco.

First addon: Kill 3 Monsters for NPC Eric. Second addon: Win a game from NPC Shaco.

Demon Hunter Outfit: Collect 5 of hellhound slobbers, high guard shoulderplates, werewolf furs and spools of yarn for NPC Casumi.

First addon: Kill 750 of both Banshees and Nightmare Scions for NPC Casumi. Second addon: Get a demon horn for NPC Casumi.

Yalaharian Outfit: Explorer society tasks by NPC Angus.

First addon: Explorer society tasks by NPC Angus. Second addon: Explorer society tasks by NPC Angus.

Deepling Outfit: Can be looted from deepling dungeon bosses.

First addon: Can be looted from deepling dungeon bosses. Second addon: Can be looted from deepling dungeon bosses.


Outfit: Collect 150 alchemy coins for NPC Humpty Dumpty.

First addon: No addon. Second addon: No addon.


Outfit: Premium.

First addon: Premium. Second addon: Premium.


Outfit: Collect 300 ascalon tokens for NPC Solomon Bahazer.

First addon: No addon. Second addon: No addon.

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