Here you can find spoils about quests on Ascalon.

There are many quests around the world,

Some are easy and some more challenging.

Name NPC Lvl Area Difficulty Reward Mission
First Citizen Addon Quest Imgard 1 Downstairs Temple Easy First citizen addon Kill 25 carrion worms
The Search for Mark Violetta 40+ Northwest of Temple- Mountain of the Giants Easy 2x G1 gems

Copper key (Key:15181)

Locate Mark using the map provided by Violetta.
The fall of Heskel Charles +250 Behemoth's secret island medium alchemy coins, G7 stones, 180k gold,magic herbs Kill Lord Heskel
Mastercrafters Hall Rhuxil +150 Ridgefire easy Access to "Mastercrafters Hall" Bring him 2 giant shimmering pearl