The good goblins of Ascalon built this center thousands of years ago.

Humans are allowed to enter the center.

S.T.C is located somewhere in the Stoned Golem mountains.

In order to get access to S.T.C you need to do a mission for NPC Goblin Prisoner.

NPC Monnas the Elite - this NPC offers the goblin ear task, you have to bring him 300 goblin ears that can be looted from the goblins. You can reach them by entering the teleporter west of Monnas. Once you turn in the goblin ears, he will reward you with the Tauren outfit.



NPC Sage Nunexor - this NPC can give you the (Sage outfit) if you will help him.

In order to enter the deep mountian (lahew valley) you must finish his task.

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