This is a new addition to the game, there are "area tokens" "dungeon tokens" and "special coins".

Tokens/coins are used mainly to buy powerfull stuff from specific levers.

There are 4 main areas and 2 special areas, the levers for area tokens are located in cities or camps in specific area.

Coins levers are located near the abyssal tower or the goblins S.T.C

Dungeon levers are located near the dungeon keeper.

----------Area Tokens-----------

Area Token Drops
Ascalon high lizard guard, widow queen, widower king, hellhound,
Ridgefire shevorth, julieta, babal, son of death
Crimson Desert siege turtle, the firestarter, hydra keeper
Torvora the medusa, merlin, adamantine colossus

---------Special Coins----------

Area Coin Drops
Abyssal Tower
Goblins Land

---------Dungeon Tokens----------

Area Token Drops
Dungeon Keeper Finishing a dungeon.
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