A player's vocation shapes their playing style, it decides which weapon type they can use and the types of monsters they are good at hunting, whether they are melee or ranged.

Vocations also decide what equipment you can use as most equipment is locked to only a specific class.

A vocation is chosen when the character is created. There are 3 different vocations.

  • Knights - Frontline Warriors. They are masters of hand to hand combat and use melee weapons.
  • Archers - Masters of bows and crossbows. They use distance fighting to their advantage.
  • Mages - Masters of magic, they can use offensive magic and healing magic. They use Wands and Rods to overpower their enemies.

Each vocation has a different amount of Capacity, Health and Mana that is gained with levels. Different vocations have different regeneration abilities and different rates of gaining skills:

  • Knights have the most health and capacity. They advance the fastest in Axe, Sword, Club Fighting and Shielding. Of all the vocation they advance the slowest in Magic Level.
  • Archers have lesser health than knight but more mana than knight. They have more capacity than mages, and they advance fastest in distance and moderate in other skills.
  • Mages have the least amount of health but the most amount of mana. They have the least capacity and they advance fastest in Magic Level.

Fishing and Crafting (Fist Fighting) is equal for all vocations.

At level 150 after doing the promotion quest you can promote to another vocation and specialize in a role.

Each vocation has 2 path choices:

Knights can become Crusaders or a Berserkers.

  • Berserker: A melee class that does very high damage and it increases after each attack, you will deal more and more damage the longer you are in combat (taking damage and doing damage). They also have the ability of passive lifesteal, giving them a nice boost to keep them alive. They can also increase their attack speed and damage in exchange for -5% health per second.
  • Crusader: The tank in Ascalon. This vocation just doesn't die. This vocation is a "must have" in any high level quest. Their passive allows their allies and themselves to be revived when killed (5-10%), stacking up to 2 crusaders in a party. They can also protect an ally and shield them from all incoming damage (All damage the target takes is instead dealt to the Crusader).

Mages can become Wizards or Priests:

  • Priest: The healer in Ascalon. They are a must have for any high level quest. They heal for a very high burst making sure their allies stay alive. In the worst case, if somebody dies, they can revive them with their magic, They can also increase armor and resistance for an ally or themselves making them a very strong support vocation. On level 450 they receive second revive spell only if they are (heroic) and they have more spells than all vocations due to having support buff spells which allow them to be very effctive as support
  • Wizard: They are masters of magic. Their destructive power is far beyond that of other vocations. They have a very high single target DPS and are the best at AoE DPS. Ever find yourself in a pinch with a lot of monsters? Fear not, the Wizard can both stun everything with AoE spells and deal very high damage, potentially turning the tide single handedly.

Archers can become Sharpshooters or Assassins:

  • Assassin: They are the masters of stealthy attacks. They can turn completely invissible for 3 seconds and ambush enemies for a very high single target burst (even players can't see you!). Their single target burst is very high. Being the masters of the shadows they can also evade attacks skillfully. This vocation is one of the most feared ones on Ascalon.
  • Sharpshooter: These have the highest single target DPS. With their passive ability "adrenaline rush" they can increase their attack speed even further, dealing a lot of damage in a short time. They can further increase their attack speed by using spells.
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